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Should You Use Tracking Software When Playing Online Poker?

Should You Use Tracking Software When Playing Online Poker?

What Is Poker Tracking Software?


This type of software allows you to get more information about your opponents and how they play. If you find patterns in their play, then you can take advantage of them. You can see information on exactly how their hands were played, including any stats related to it. If you combine this with a HuD, then you can see all of these stats live. This can give you a massive advantage when it comes to trying to win hands against your opponents when you play poker online.




A heads-up display or HUD can connect to online tracking software. It shows you stats happening at your table while you go. One of these stats includes information about the pre-flop. Some of these pre-flop stats include the PFR percentage. This stands for pre-flop raise. In other words, this stat will show you how often your opponent raises during the preflop. If you combine this stat with the VPIP stat, or: voluntarily put money in the pot,” then you’ll get an idea of how often they will cold-call range even if they have a weak hand. All you do is subtract their preflop raise percentage from their VPIP percentage to get a sense of how often they are cold calling. This will give you an idea of what you should do during the hand!




Another stat to look at is the set known as post-flop stats. This includes the aggression factor. This shows how often they are likely to bluff. Since the average is under 1, anyone who has a factor of under 1 is more likely to be representing their hand accurately. If they are way over 3, then if you have anything good at all, it may be wise to stick with it and call their bluff. Other stats that are relevant here include the WTSD or “went to showdown post-flop” stat, indicating how likely they are to go all the way during this stage of the game.


Summing Up


Tacking software can give you massive advantages during online 홀덤 poker games via your HuD. The number of stats you can get here is substantial. You can see information about how often they fold to C-bets or Second barrels, info about folding to 3-bets, and much more. There’s even information about using trackers with HUDs to win when you’re playing a micro stakes cash game.


In general, if you’re serious about playing online poker games, then you will really want this kind of tracking software on your side. After all, your opponents are probably using it, so anyone who’s not using it is going to be at a disadvantage.