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Poker: Guide To Tight Aggressive Playstyle

Poker: Guide To Tight Aggressive Playstyle

If every online gambler could admit their best game ever, you could not miss hearing poker being mentioned somewhere. To win poker, you must know what you are doing unlike those other games relying on luck. You must have working strategies and not just play blindly.

As a beginner to situs poker, having a good strategy and staying discipline are two critical must-haves. But the only thing you’ll require is a little bit of experience with which you can gain it through much practice.

Two common strategies are employed by many poker players. These strategies are playing tight and aggressive and playing loose. Playing tight and aggressive means that you only play using strong hands while avoiding the weak ones. This means that you’ll be having few hands to play unlike the one playing loosely.

Playing loose means that you are playing a lot of hands, more of what has been dealt with you.

Why play tight?

Playing tight and aggressive has been praised as the most effective style of play. As a TAG player, you are selective on what hands to play to keep you from losing more chips. So as a beginner, is the tight-aggressive style the way to go?

Well, TAGs win money, can’t argue with that. But you should realize that it isn’t just about the money but what you did to earn them. As a TAG player, you are putting your experience into test.

Decision making in poker

Every time you start to play poker, you are faced with two decisions to make, either to play the hands you’ve been dealt or fold them. If anytime you chose to play, your next action is to decide whether to raise the amount of the present bet or call it.

To make the best decision, you’ll need your best strategies that we’ve talked about above, but most TAGs will go one hand in every five he is dealt which means they are folding pre-flop three-quarter of the time played.

Playing aggressive means instead of calling, you’ll raise the bet. To execute this strategy, you must have full knowledge of the power of position at the table.

Why should go for TAGs

As a TAG player, you realize that most of the decisions made in poker tend to be easier towards the end so you must learn to tailor all of your decisions to ensure that you play in that position all the time.

Now, to answer the question, yes, TAG style is the best strategy you can ever learn as a beginner. Why? Because TAGs are the masters of online poker games. They know the best hands to select, and when to fold, they also know the power of position which helps them keep tricky spots out of their way as much as possible.

As a beginner TAG player, you will be having the upper hand when playing with fellow newbies who are willing to play with everything they got and calling the bets.

You can make more money by just playing games with low stakes by staying ahead of the curve of those still learning the ropes.


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