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Dealing with Variance in online poker

Dealing with Variance in online poker

One of the biggest problems I’ve seen players struggle with at the game is their inability to deal with the variance of the game. I was a player myself for a number of years and I know how hard it can be at times. The money goes up, the money goes down and it can be brutal to deal with the variance of the game. If you don’t learn to deal with the variance of game, you’re never going to be able to get the best out of yourself. What happens is you struggle to put in volume, you start to have self-doubt, your game starts to struggle and so many things happen as a result of focusing on your short-term result. Here are a few tips to get that Winners Edge at the tables.


You need to realize that checking your results over and over, multiple times a day, multiple times a session, isn’t helping you. When I work with players, I help them make that transition from results driven, to process driven. By process driven, I mean only focused on your performance. If you’re like most people you’re thinking, “Okay great, but how do you do that?” Let me walk you through a highly effective system which will give you the solution. Step one is to stop checking your results often. I know it’s hard, but it’s a crucial step in becoming a successful online 클로버게임 player. Try checking your results once a day, once you’ve got that down, transition to twice per week. Then, ideally, you’ll end up checking them only once per week. Then I get the players to rate their performance at the end of each session. I get them to rate their focus for the session. Then they rate their decision making for the session. Finally, they rate their tilt control, how well they stayed in their emotions during the session. These are three things that they monitor, their focus, their decision making and tilt control. These are three things you can control every single session.


When you get into the habit of monitoring these variables, you start to focus on your performance as a poker player and not just your results, you start to get a true indication of how you’re actually playing. Let’s be honest, your results don’t really show you how well you played that session. So, start monitoring these things and start the transition to be more process driven.