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5 Common Pitfalls Beginners Make in Online Poker

5 Common Pitfalls Beginners Make in Online Poker

Are you a new poker player? You have a lot to learn. Poker beginners are prone to mistakes. Inconstant playing strategies, stakes too high, and impatience are some of the costly mistakes beginner poker online indonesia players make.

These blunders make many beginners quit, thinking they’re unlucky. This article will explore common beginner mistakes. Avoiding them will give you an edge over other players as you pocket extra bucks. Read on.

Poker Mistakes to Avoid as A Beginner

The following are the costly blunders beginners are more likely to fall in.

1. Playing at high stakes

Many beginners are tempted to play at stakes higher than their skill levels.

Dumb as it may sound, it’s okay to play at lower stakes, provided they match your skill level. Higher stakes often involve kick-ass players. To beat them, you’ll need advanced skills.

Try playing the lower stakes for a while to gauge your skills. If you continue crushing it, then you can move to higher stakes.

There’s no rush. Concentrate on building your skills, and everything will fall in place.

2. Using Poor Strategies

In poker, a strategy is everything. Your strategy will either send straight to a win or lose.

For beginners, the recommended strategy is TAG – Tight and Aggressive. This involves being highly selective of the hand to play with and your position.

Consistently mastering the TAG fundamentals is a crucial step for beginners, even for those feeling confident that they’ve already done so.

3. Playing Many Hands

It’s common for beginners to play too many hands. Too much folding can get you thinking the game is boring, hence the temptation to make pre-flop calls. This strategy leads to chips wastage when you miss the flop.

Patience is, therefore, vital. Carefully select the hands to play and avoid playing many pots. See beyond cards when playing. Patiently wait for opportunities worth placing your chips.

4. Playing with Emotions

Having a bad day? Overexcited? Then it’s not the right time to play. Such emotions could result in making such costly action as desperate moves, letting ego get the better of you, or chasing losses.

Emotions can blind you, moving you into making uninformed decisions. Take a break when you feel you’ve started making emotional decisions.

Avoid being angry or frustrated when things don’t go your way. Get your emotions under control—failure to which will lead to you making irrational decisions and consequently losing money.

5. Being Too Superstitious

Many beginners have a strong belief in luck. Most players blame every loss on bad luck, even when they lose because of their own mistakes.

Failing to notice your mistakes will see you repeating them, hence remaining on the same game level.

As a beginner, however, don’t worry much about making mistakes. Instead, focus on learning from them and never repeating them.


Poker games are not a walk in the park. However, consistency is what separates good players from poor ones. Constant learning will make your game better.

As a beginner, avoid the above mistakes. Just a little more learning, and you’ll be on top of your game.