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3 Secret tips to improve your poker game

3 Secret tips to improve your poker game

The Poker Tips Every Beginner Should Learn Before They Continue Playing

Did you know that learning the basics of poker is not a terribly hard thing to do? Even the most basic of player can pick up a few tips within the first few minutes. The goal is to take what you learn and apply it moving forward. The other goal is learning from the mistakes you already have made. This is one area where some beginners fall short. They assume that once they learn the basics, then they are good to go.

Become a student of the game. No player ever becomes a full-fledged teacher, including the more-advanced and skilled.


1)You Cannot Be Passive-Aggressive and Expect To Get Anywhere

There may be some things in life where you can sit back and play the soft card. Poker (and also domino99) is not one of those things. Players need to be more aggressive. You cannot expect the other players to be “nice” to you.

You need to get comfortable with betting and betting a lot. This is one of the reasons why I never made a good poker player. I was never that comfortable with betting on anything. That is why I did not stay long with the game.

You need to get comfortable with putting yourself “in the game” if you want to win and survive. Do you want to survive and win the pot? Milk the players for all their worth and go all in. It is the only way to get anywhere.


2)Patience, My Padawan Learner

This is one thing that trips people up. They read the first bit of advice and get excited. They assume they can win within the first few hands. You need to apply patience to the first rule. Skilled players learn that they do not win most hands. They learn that folding 75% of the hands is the only way to win when their time comes around. It takes a strong hand to take the pot.

Wait until the odds are in your favor, then, go in with an aggressive strategy to win the pot.


3)I Have Got My Eye On You

This sounds a bit “stalkerish”, but you do need to keep your eye on the other players. You need to learn to play the other players, not the hand you have. Your hand is important, but what the other players do is more important.

That requires some skill. It is a psychology move. You are playing armchair shrink against the other people. Study their moves so you know how to make your move. That is why a lot of players do not spend too much time “chatting” with everyone else. They want to pay more attention to behavioral patterns, including tells and nervous twitches.